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Good morning families!

1.  Up on the left hand side of your screen is a new addition:  Click here for language translation.  You can now translate this page to any language you prefer.   Our division website (rbe.sk.ca) also has this feature. 

2.  Our K-2 concerts will be this Friday, December 11th.  Please come join us at either the 9:30 or 1:15 concert.  Students will share the songs and dances they have learned this year so far.

3.  Reminder:  We will dismiss early on December 18th (2:30).

4.  Our Food Bank Drive continues!  We have filled 1.5 barrels so far.  Please send your donations this week.

5.  This month's SCC meeting is Thursday at 6:00 in the staff room.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend a meeting if interested and/or available.  We discuss school goals and events in a relaxed atmosphere. 

6.  Basketball try-outs have begun and the season will commence after Xmas.  We have 3 parent coaches this year:  Greg Toews, David Severson and Jayne Krueger.  Teacher supervisors will be:  Julian Yeo, Chantal Nolet-Nerenberg, Jennifer Gardiner and Emma Champ. 

Have a great week!


Happy Tuesday!

Donate Funds


- Donate Non-Perishable food items such as:


 Fish & Canned Meat, Cereal, Peanut Butter, Beans, Rice, Pasta, Soups & Stews, 100% Fruit Juice in 1 Litre containers, Powdered Milk, Canned Fruits & Vegetables, Baby Food, Enfalac and Similac. No glass, please     


- Help Spread the Word: Forward this to friends and family and encourage them to donate.



The SRC’s goal is to fill 3 of the large bins provided to us by the Food Bank. Please send your donation to the school with your child or feel free to drop it off yourself when you attend your child’s Winter Concert on either Dec 2nd for the Grade 3 and 4s  or Dec 11th for the Kindergarten to Grade 2s.

Thank you in advance for your help! Together, we can help give our neighbors food- the perfect gift.     

The Grade 7/8s (Dylan L, Michael and Vlad)            


3. Our Games Club is still looking for donations if you have anything to donate (board games, coloring books, craft materials, cards, puzzles).


4. Do you know of the Early Years Family Centre? If you have young children at home consider giving them a try! Click here to see what they can offer you and your young ones. 



Have a good week! 

Loving the November Weather!

Hello Wilfrid Walker Families!

Congratulations to our volleyball teams who have made such skill progress in only one season!  They also play as a team and support each other - and this team attitude has given both teams much success.  Many thanks to our coaches Danna Cruickshank and M. Yeo (boys) and Mme Therrien/Mme Sexon/Mme Magotiaux (girls). 

Our boys' team did clinch the division final last week against Hawrylak (in a nail biter!) and will now advance to the city finals on Thursday at Jack MacKenzie School.  We wish them the best of luck and hope to see many fans cheer them on!

It was with great pride that I looked up to see our visitors balcony full of parents and grandparents for our Remembrance Day Assembly.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to not forget.   

The SCC met this week and made a significant contribution to new leveled-reading resources to support our Learning Improvement Plan.  Our goals (which are an extension of our division's improvement plan) for 2015-2016 are:

First Nations / Métis / Inuit Achievement Initiatives

• FNMI students’ education performance will be tracked by Tier 1 teacher teams and interventions will be put in place on a case by case basis

• Teachers will continue to embed FNMI content in all subject areas when possible in order to ensure a sense of belonging for our FNMI students and a richer understanding of their community and history for non-FNMI and FNMI students alike

Kindergarten Readiness

• Teachers will identify students who do not score within the appropriate ranges of the Early Years Evaluation in the fall and a plan in terms of supports or interventions will be created in the K Tier 1 group

• 90% of students exiting Kindergarten will score within the appropriate range in 4 of the 5 domains as measured by the Early Years Evaluation 

Grade Level Reading and Math 

• 85% of students will be achieving at grade level in reading (in both French and English) and math

• Students not achieving at grade level in reading will receive Tier 2 literacy intervention support                 

Transitions ~ Grades 8-9

• The grade to grade transition rate will be 95% for all students

The Learning Improvement Plan (LIP) can be found in its entirety in the Public Document Library (Public Menu, left side of the webpage).

Progress Reports are coming home this Friday!  Please contact your child's teacher if you have questions. 

Finally, please consider checking us out on Twitter - @WilfridWalker.  We've been posting pictures!  Twitter is a great resource for me professionally and I found this gem on the net just recently (click on the title to link to the document):

A Toolbox for Parents of Students in French Immersion or Core French

Wishing you more warm weather,

Mme Revet







Lest We Forget!

Join us Tuesday at 10:30 for our Remembrance Day Assembly!

Volleyball play-offs have begun and we will be hosting 3 games this week.  The Girls' team plays today and the Boys' team will play both Tuesday and Thursday.  Come out and cheer on our Wildcats!

We have been having some difficulties with graffiti in our washrooms - specifically the girls' washroom.  This habit by a few students adds extra work to our caretaking staff and is often inappropriate for young eyes.  The bathrooms are also not a place to play or hide in at recess breaks or before and after school.  We will continue to monitor these areas.  

Our primary playground has also needed extra monitoring in the past few weeks due to games such as zombies, Beat (where they choose who to beat up), dangerous push games on the slide, etc.  Safety is a priority so these games are not permitted and all students are reminded that we are a Hands Off school.  

Thanks for your support and hope to see you Tuesday!



Snow in the forecast!

November has arrived and the snow is likely on its way.  Please ensure your children have extra layers, toques and mitts for recess breaks..

Everyone is invited to our Remembrance Day Ceremony - November 10th @ 10:30.  Students will be given a poppy and are encouraged to give a small donation but it is optional.  All donated money will be given to the Legion.


Our Lost and Found buckets are full!  Students have been asked to check the lost and found items this week and any remaining items will be donated to the Salvation Army as of November 13th.  Please come by and take a look if you are noticing some clothes missing from this week's laundry!


And good news!  Mme Clements had a baby girl this morning and everyone is doing very well.  We welcome Mme Hylton to our staff.


Please note that this Friday is a professional development day for staff so there will be no school for students. 


Spooky times at WWAL!

Perhaps you've heard?  This Friday, October 30th, we will be dressing up for Halloween. Please ensure your child's safety by checking the length of costumes (as long costumes are tripping hazards and make for dangerous play outside), leaving swords or weapon-like props at home, and favoring make-up over masks.  Thanks!

SAVE the date!  We will be hosting 2 holiday concerts in December.  Grades K-2 will perform on December 11th (Friday) at 9:30 and 1:15.  Students in grades 3 and 4 will have their concert on December 2 at 1:15 and 7:00.  Hope to see you there!

Congrats to the volleyball teams!  Our volleyball teams competed in last week's Campbell Feeder Tournament and both represented our school with a competitive and sportsmanlike spirit!  The boys played in the competitive tier and finished in third place.  The girls played in the participatory tier and came home with the 1st place plaque. 

A note from our SCC fundraiser organizer Shari Kendel:

Hello everyone,

I am so excited to let you know about the Halloween dance!  Last Thursday was a wonderful time spent by all.  I would like to start out by saying Thank you so much to our Music Man M.Proulx as he did an amazing job!  I would like to send out a HUGE Thank you to all my wonderful Volunteers! Without you these fun times would never happen!  I would like to say Thank you to my group of wonderful girls who spent lunch hours with me preparing for the dance by drawing, coloring, talking, and giving me good ideas! You’re a true bunch of talented girls! Also last but not least the people who helped me out behind the scenes with copies, paperwork, money counting, keys to open doors, gluing, pre-set up etc. Thank you!!

On to the prizes…..

Candy Guessing Jar #1  – Winner =  Emmett S.

Candy Guessing Jar #2  – Winner =  Aiden W.

Candy Guessing Jar #3 - Winner =  Elizabeth M.

Pumpkin Carving Contest – Winner  =  Koltyn K.

There were a bunch of kids and adults who got pinned with creative, frightening, prettiest, smallest, most humorous, etc., costumes!  Way to go everyone – you looked great!!!!

There were some pretty good dance moves going on and there were prizes for the 14 craziest dancers!

There was a huge amount of candy and fun going on! I hope everyone had fun and would love to see this again next HALLOWEEN!!!

Shari Kendel


French Concert Thursday!  Marc Tardif will be performing for the whole school Thursday afternoon.  Morning Kindergarten students are of course welcome to come join in on the fun if they have a family member who can accompany them.  Canteen proceeds will be used to cover the cost of the concert.  Thanks to parents for supporting the canteen and to the working group of senior students and Mme Youck for allowing us this opportunity!


Change in weather - It can be quite chilly in the morning so please help your child dress for the weather.  Supervision begins at 8:38 so students should not arrive prior to that time and can not be allowed inside prior to the 8:53 bell as the only available supervision is outside.  A slow drizzle is also not a reason to stay inside at recess so please help your child remember a rain jacket and/or umbrella if the forecast calls for rain as they will be going outside.  Fresh air is valuable for everyone!  

Have a good week!

Busy week coming up!

This week is Education Week and this year's theme is Celebrating Each Student. 

We are also a polling station for the federal election Monday.  There will be considerably more traffic than usual so please respect the traffic signs.  There will be extra staff to help the students but all motorists need to do their part.  Thanks.

We're starting the October celebrations a little early at Wilfrid Walker with a Movie themed school dance for grades 5-8 on Tuesday and our SCC Halloween Dance for everyone on Thursday.  Have you returned your rsvp for the SCC event? 

Our volleyball teams will be participating in a tournament at Campbell this Thursday.  Both teams continue to improve and the boys have a remarkable 5-0 record!  Come out and cheer on our teams. (Games start at 2:30.)

Grade 3 students will swim again this week.  Remember to pack a suit and a towel.

Anyone doing some fall cleaning?  We have 10 lunchrooms at Wilfrid Walker and many kids have finished eating after only 15 minutes!  If you have building toys, boardgames or books to donate for our lunchrooms please send them to our office and we'll distribute them.  Our library or classroom libraries would also welcome any used books. 

 Our staff have also been very busy doing their own learning.  Mme Baranga and Mme Sexon were in Saskatoon last week for the Early Years Education Conference and Mme Champ and Mme Therrien are off to Saskatoon this week for the Middle Years Conference.  We are a building of learners! 

Have a great week! 



Happy Thanksgiving!

Share the Warmth


We will be collecting gently used, clean coats, sweaters, winter accessories in order to donate them to people in need.  Please send any items before October 28th.


Reading Beliefs


On Friday the staff spent a lot of time talking about our shared reading beliefs.  Our focused conversation brought us to these 5 beliefs:

All children can read

It takes a community to raise a reader

A love of reading is essential

Choice in what students read fosters the desire to read

All reading helps

We have moved our 'take one, leave one' library to the front entrance and invite you to participate by sending books, coming to choose books or encouraging your children to do the same.  Keep reading!  The secret to being a good reader is reading, reading, and then reading some more!


Book Fair


Thank you so much to all parents and students for supporting our French Book Fair! Together, we have sold a total of $3115.65. From this amount, $1464.36 will come back to your school in products from Scholastic.  Also we would like to give a Special Thank You to all of our volunteers!

September 28

Many thanks to the SCC for a fun BBQ!

Congratulations to our new School Community Council Executive:  Colin Byas (chair), Danna Cruickshank (vice-chair), Allyson Reid-Skagos (secretary) and Tasha Gieni (treasurer). 

Traffic at 3:37

Please remember to keep the crosswalk open so that kids can safely cross the street.  Avoid parking between the double lines (which is in fact a ticketable offence).  Students should never cross by the buses so please don't encourage them to do so.  They learn best from our example!

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

Conferences are set for this Friday.  Please confirm your availability with your child's homeroom teacher asap.

Remember to Wear an Orange t-shirt on September 30th!

Every Child Matters (Chaque enfant compte) is the chosen slogan for Orange T-shirt Day which recognizes the 150 000 students who attended residential schools.  We will take the opportunity to introduce our Wild Cats Family Groups and discuss what we can all do so that everyone knows and feels that they matter at Wilfrid Walker. 

We're now on Twitter!




This week's news

It took some effort but I think we have the Principal's blog up and connected to your email addresses!  If you aren't receiving these emails please sign up using the 'Subscribe to our School News' on the left hand side of the main page. 

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