The Year Has Flown By!

1.       Our final assembly will be next Wednesday at 9:15 (or as soon as we can get everyone in the gym!)  Please join us if you can!

2.       We are looking for a couple lunchroom supervisors for 2016-2017.  Please call the office or send an email if you are interested or would like more details as to pay and responsibilities.

3.       We are also looking for library volunteers for next year.  Your responsibilities would be to help students check out books, re-shelve returned books, and repair the odd ripped page or tape a few book spines.  Please call the office or send an email to our new Teacher-Librarian Mme Youck if interested.

4.       In the fall you will receive a lunchroom registration form.  Don’t worry about the first day as we’ll be ready to keep all the kids who need lunchroom supervision.  That form, along with several others, will come home September 1 and we would greatly appreciate a quick return as we count on them to build our lunchrooms.

5.       Please join us in saying thank-you and good-bye to our departing staff:  Mme Williams, M. Yeo, Mme Nerenberg, Mme Demers, Mme Bourlon, Mme Franklin, Mme Therrien and Mme Studlin.  We wish them the best and hope they come back for a visit when they can.

6.       A big thank-you to all our parent volunteers, lunchroom supervisors and members of the SCC.  We look forward to working with you again next year as you are a vital part of the community’s success.  Thank you for giving us your time and efforts!

7.       The Before & After Program most generously gave funds to the school so that we could purchase new gym equipment for next year.  An indoor curling kit, new rackets, new balls, new hula hoops…..the list goes on and on.  Many thanks!!

8.       Just a reminder that we will be using the online payment program as much as possible in 2016-2017.  Please sign up by visiting our school website. 

The Busy Month of June!

1.  Today and tomorrow (1pm and 7pm) we are presenting the play 'The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe'.  Please join us if you can! 

2.  Order forms for the June 16th SCC Carnival (wristbands and meals) went home yesterday.  Please return them asap.  If you have volunteered to bring item(s) for the bake sale,  please remember the following:

Bake up a dozen sweets and place them in a container or plate that you do not need returned and write the list of ingredients.  No nuts!  If possible, please bring your item(s) the night of the carnival at 5:30.  If you have any questions contact Shari at:

3.  Grade 8 Farewell is June 23rd at 6:30.  We will be saying farewell to seventeen students. 

4.  Our final assemblies of the year are at 9:15 (awards, Farewell slideshow, staff good-byes) and 2:00 (school slideshow) on Wednesday, June 29th. Dismissal will be at 2:30.  If your child will not be present on the final day please send a self-addressed and stamped envelope so that we can send you the final progress report. 

5.  School supply lists will be coming home next week.  Thanks to the SCC you have the option of buying your supplies online through Teachers' File (more information to come). All orders will be delivered just prior to the first day of school.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Well Rested and Ready to Get Back to Work!

Good morning families!  Hope your long weekend was memorable and fun!

1.  Next year Ecole Wilfrid Walker will be using the Online Payments system for ALL school trips, fees and milk/canteen/Menchies sales.  Please use the link on the left to set yourself up or come by the office and we will help you!  Our goal is to be cash free!

2.  Please let the office know asap if you will be transferring to another school as 2016-2017 plans are already underway.  Students sometimes share that they are moving but we require parental confirmation.  

3.  Congratulations to all our grade 4-8 students for an excellent Track Day last week.  Everyone participated to the best of their ability and the event ran smoothly.  Best of luck to the students who advance to the multi-school event on June 2nd. 

4.  Classroom supply lists will be coming home mid-June.  We will be using the services of Teachers' File again this year if you would like to pre-purchase your 'kit' and have it delivered for the first day in the fall.  Additional information will be provided along with your supply list. 

Sunny Friday!

The sun is shining and students are enjoying themselves on the playground - a perfect Friday!

A few things to share:

1.  Congratulations to our 2016 Record Breakers!  The assembly on Wednesday celebrated the achievements of many students from grades 1-6 and 8 new records were established.

2.  A reminder to park only in designated spots when dropping off or picking up your children.  We continue to have near misses when drivers encourage students to run across the street rather than use the crosswalk.  Please watch out for all our students!

3.  Our canteen stock is getting depleted and we will not be purchasing new items this school year.  It will likely continue for about 2 weeks.  Any remaining money on a canteen card can be used next year.  Milk and Menchies sales will continue until the end of the year.

4.  Save the date - Spring Carnival is June 16th!  More information will be coming shortly from the SCC.

5.  The Social Justice Club needs you!  They are fundraising to help the Ciwara School in Kati, Mali buy much needed supplies for their library.  The Club has an opportunity to run a canteen for our multi-school track meet at Douglas Park on June 2nd but needs adult help!  If you are able to volunteer for a few hours or for the day please contact or or phone 306 791-8531.  Our school will be participating in this meet so you can cheer on our school team as well.  Many thanks!

Enjoy the weekend!

Mme Revet


Feels Like Spring!

Good morning families.  Here are a few things happening at Wilfrid Walker:

1.  Next week we will host the Ministry of Education LIVE, an interactive video education program, featuring visual artist Laura St. PIerre.  Students in grades 5-8 will be participating on Wednesday and Thursday.  The videos will air (and then be archived) here if you would like to watch. 

2.  The city finals of the French Oratory were held yesterday.  Congrats to all our students who represented our school!  Good luck to Randa and Houda who advance to the provincial level in Saskatoon on April 23rd. 

3.  Farewell photos are being taken today for our 17 grade 8 students.  They have also been very busy with a Practical and Applied Arts rotation at Campus Regina Public  where students are studying cosmetology, cooking, sheet metal work, electrical skills, construction, graphic arts, and video game creation.

4.  We are taking 2016-2017 Kindergarten registrations right now and have planned for a May 4th Parent Meeting, hosted by the SCC.  Please help spread the word if you know of anyone wanting to register a child.

5.  The SCC is helping us plan for the upcoming track and field events by contributing funds to purchase another crash mat for high jump.  The city event will be June 2nd and the school track and field event will be at the end of May (date to be confirmed).  

6.  Save the dates:  Spring Carnival will be Thursday, June 16th and our Farewell will be Thursday, June 23rd. 

7.  And finally, we have a new member in our Staff Family!  M. Proulx and his wife welcomed baby boy Kylin Gibson Proulx in to the world on Sunday.  We can't wait to meet him!





Good Afternoon Families!

1.  March is going to fly by as every week is short for the students! 

March 10th - Professional development for staff, no school for students

March 11th - Teachers' Convention, no school for students

March 18th - Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences - students to attend for their conference time only (invitations come home this week)

March 25th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st and April 1st - Holidays

2.  It has come to our attention that some parents may not have received the updated School Calendar (revised and sent home in late March 2015).  Please follow this link to the newer version if you are still holding the March 3rd version:  2015-2016 Calendar

3. The 2016-2017 Calendar is also completed and a copy will be coming home some time in March.  If you want to plan ahead you can access it now on our division website by clicking here

4. The SCC meeting for March has been canceled and therefore the next meeting will be April 7th (6 pm).  Please join us if interested.  Thanks to all the families who contributed to the Mom's Pantry fundraiser.  The office has been busy today with parents and students handing in their forms! 

5.  The SCC will host a Welcome to Kindergarten lunch and meeting for 2016-2017 Kindergarten parents at noon on May 4th, 2016.  Please mark it on your calendar if you have a child registered for K this fall.





Back to Routine!

The sun is shining brightly to welcome us back to school!  Hope the holiday was a nice break from routine for your children. 

A couple things to keep in mind this week:

1.  On Wednesday we will be participating in the Red Cross Pink Day, created to prevent bullying.  Please encourage your children to wear pink! 

2.  The 'Je me souviens' Quebec trip students will be hosting a hot-dog day on Friday.  Notes will be coming home asap.  The cost is $5 and the meal includes a hot-dog, chips and a pop.  Extra hot-dogs can be purchased for $2. 

3.  The staff would like to say a big thank-you for all the gifts of food during Staff Appreciation Week.  The gifts from the SCC (pens and coffee) were also much appreciated!  

4.  Do you receive an email notification from this blog?  Do you know how to use Parent Portal to see your child's progress?  Do you know how to access the French and English versions of your child's textbooks (grades 4-8)?  If not, please ask your teacher, come by the office, or send an email to so we can give you directions and/or usernames and passwords.

Have a good week!




An invitation from our neighbor Jack MacKenzie School

This is an invitation for all Wilfrid Walker parents to attend the Day of Pink Parent Seminar on Wednesday, March 2.  The staff of Jack MacKenzie will be running this event at their school in the evening, from 6:30 – 8:00pm.  They have planned an evening of topics that they anticipate will be relevant and worthwhile for parents.   


Good morning families!

1.  Our 'lost and found' buckets are full!  We will display all the items in our library for two days next week (Wednesday, Feb. 10 and Thursday Feb. 11) and encourage you to come by if you have time.  During the February break all remaining items will be donated to the Salvation Army.

2.  For more information about High School Open Houses please visit our division website:

Canadian Parents for French

The Regina chapter of Canadian Parents for French are hosting several events in 2016.  Please read the attachments for more information about these worthwhile opportunities for you and your children:



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