Feels like Winter!

Good afternoon families!

1.  Clothing order update:  all clothing should be reprinted by the 8th of December so we will distribute the clothes on the 12th, earlier if delivery is possible.  Thanks, again, for your patience!

2.  We look forward to seeing you on Friday for our Fall Conferences.  If you are having any difficulty with Parent Portal or School Cash please stop in the office.  Please take a tour of the library as we have many items in our lost and found.  Any clothes remaining at the end of the day Friday will be donated.

3.  Earth Rangers are visiting our school on December 5th with an assembly for 1-6 and a special classroom presentation for our grade 4 classes.  Thank you to the Kendel family who won this opportunity for our school.

4.  The SCC fundraiser of baked goods was a great success - thank you.  Please pick up your order from the staffroom tomorrow (Thursday) between 3:30-6:30. 

5.  Please take notice of the crosswalk west of the school and remember to stop if you see a child wanting to cross.  Our students and families rely on your safe driving habits. 

6.  You may have heard that we have added Conflict Managers to our junior playground.  Two older students circulate on the playground at recess time to help students resolve minor conflicts.  Many thanks to our overwhelming number of student volunteers!


Take care - see you Friday!

Mme Revet


Big Plans in the Works!

Good morning families!

A few items to share with you:

1.  United Way

Toy Sale Nov 22 & 23

Fundraiser to Support the Summer Success United Way Literacy Program

Please drop off gently used or new toys to Room 7 at Wilfrid Walker on Nov. 21 between 12:30-4:00pm.

Students will be able to purchase toys Nov. 22 at 2:00pm and Nov. 23 at 10:30am and 12:30 pm in Room 7. All toys will be priced at $1 or $2. All money will be forwarded to the United Way to support the Summer Success Campaign. All toys not sold will be donated to Value Village. Thank-you for your consideration!

2.  School Clothing

We have had some issues with our order as the color burgundy did not print well.  The clothing is being reprinted so delivery will likely be the first week of December.  We apologize for the delay but do want to get it right!  Thanks for your patience. 

3.  Save the Date!

Friday, December 16th will be a very special day at Ecole Wilfrid Walker.  Students in grades 5-8 will participate in a Carnaval d'hiver (Winter Carnival) and students in grades K-4 will present Les Célébrations du monde (Celebrations Around the World).  You are all invited to come visit from 1-2 and visit the various activities.  A more detailed schedule will be provided closer to the date so you can organize your afternoon.  Classes doing a dance, for example, may present at 1:20 but another class presenting a short skit may perform at 1:40, etc.   Walk the hallways, visit the classrooms, check out the carnival outside, and get in the holiday spirit! 

Have a good week,

Mme Revet

Happy Halloween

Good afternoon folks!

Students are dancing up a storm in the gym right now thanks to our senior students, organized by Mme Youck and M. Proulx.  Thanks for your help in getting the kids in costume for this special day.  Take care tonight while you go trick or treating!

The Learning Improvement Plan for our school has been added to the Public Library (left Public Menu).  Our staff is embarking on a journey to educate ourselves about the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and encourage you to do the same.  We will also encourage our students to ask themselves 'what can I do to bring more kindness in the world?'

If the weather forecast is correct we may be in a for a long cold winter so we are already planning for indoor recesses!  We have 'recess buckets' for the classrooms but are always looking for donations of cards, games, puzzles, coloring materials, building blocks, etc.  Please think of us if you are recycling any gently used toys. 

Okay - back to the dance!  Happy Halloween!





We'll Take Sunshine over Snow!

Good afternoon Wilfrid Walker families!

1.  Menchie sales take place every two weeks thanks to Mme Youck and her team of volunteers.  You can now purchase a card (for 5, 10 or 15 Menchie's) on Cash Online to avoid scrounging up $3 in change!

2.  The next School Community Council meeting will be November 23rd at 6:15.  Last night's meeting focused on our school and community's response to the Truth and Reconciliation call to action as well as how best to support teachers in their work with their students.  The SCC has once again approved a budget for teachers to add items to their classrooms or purchase materials for a special activity.  Many thanks!  You are always welcome to attend a meeting if you are interested!

3.  On Monday students will be dressing up their teachers for our Education Week kick-off assembly, hosted by our senior students.  Mme Youck, Constable Young and I will be the judges.  Should make for some good Twitter pictures!

4.  Halloween is just 2 weeks away!  Students and staff who choose to do so will come in costume and our senior students are busy planning dances for all the age groups, pre-K and Early Learning Centre included.  

Enjoy the weekend!

Mme Revet


A Community with Heart - Many Thanks!

From your SCC:

Ecole Wilfrid Walker donated this week to the Regina Food Bank a total of 350 pounds of fresh vegetables. Absolute great job!!!!

Autumn has arrived!

The weather has certainly changed and snow is in the forecast.  Please dress your child in layers and plan for all types of weather.  A light rain doesn't stop us from going outside so please provide a hat, umbrella or raincoat if possible. 

Merci beaucoup Ecole Wilfrid Walker community for all of your toonies for Terry. Together as a school we raised $909.25 to help fund cancer research. It was a beautiful day as we walked around the neighborhood for this worthy cause and learned a bit more about Terry through some educational videos in the gym prior to the walk.  Bel effort!

Reminders:  clothing orders are due this week and the vegetables arrive tomorrow!

Have a good week and enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!

School Community Council 2016-2017

Your SCC consists of:
Chair: Colin Byas
Vice-Chair: Danna Cruickshank
Treasurer: Robb Mann
Secretary: Allyson Reid-Skagos
Elected Members at Large: Kimberly MacDonald, Janet Svab, Shari Kendel, Lindsay Donovan
Appointed Members at Large: Kim Trask, Al Wilkins, Kelly Abernethy, Shawn Dawson, Lisa Persaud

You are welcome to attend any meeting!  Meetings are at 6:15 on the second Thursday of the month. 

The SCC's first fundraiser (vegetables) will be ready for pick-up next Tuesday (October 4th) from 3:37 - 5:00. Thanks for your support!


Almost One Month Done!

Time is flying at Wilfrid Walker School! 

Thank you to everyone who attended our Open House & BBQ last Thursday.  A special thank you to the SCC for hosting the BBQ.  If you were not able to attend please contact your child's teacher for any missed information.  Parent Portal usernames and passwords can be picked up at the office when convenient.

Thanks to everyone who has logged on to Cash Online and has started making payments in this fashion.  If you need assistance, please stop in at the office and Mme Johnston will gladly help you get set up. 

Good luck to everyone in grades 3-8 who are going to the French Heritage Days on Thursday.  We leave promptly at 8 AM so please be on time!  Staff will arrive at 7:45 and we encourage you to bring your child at that same time to ensure we are packed and ready to go for 8.

Immunization information from our school nurse is attached. 

Clothing orders are due next week if you are looking to add some swag to your child's wardrobe. 

Enjoy the sun today!

Mme Revet




Join the SCC!

Day 1 this Thursday

Good afternoon families!

School starts Thursday and we'll all assemble in the gym at 8:53.  Parents are most welcome!  We'll meet the new and returning staff and then make our way to our classrooms.  See you soon!


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