Good afternoon!

1.  Please take notice of the new traffic signs in front of the school.  The 'no parking' signs have been replaced by 'no stopping' signs as our buses and taxis were having difficulty finding places to park. With an increase in student population comes an increase in transportation needs so we simply need more room to ensure that the students are safe getting on and off their buses/taxis.  Our children's safety is paramount but you should also know that tickets have already been issued on several occasions. 

2.  Please keep sending warm clothes for your children as recess may only be 15 minutes but bare hands and ears do get uncomfortable.

3.  Remember - wear pink for Pink Day next Thursday!

4.  As many of you have already heard, I am moving to Ecole Wascana Plains for the 2017-2018 school year.  Mme Youck will take on the administration responsibilties for the final months of this school year as I will transition to the new school at the end of April.  Mme Youck and I are already preparing so that the transition is as seamless as possible for our community.  

Take care,

Mme Revet