Feels like Winter!

Good afternoon families!

1.  Clothing order update:  all clothing should be reprinted by the 8th of December so we will distribute the clothes on the 12th, earlier if delivery is possible.  Thanks, again, for your patience!

2.  We look forward to seeing you on Friday for our Fall Conferences.  If you are having any difficulty with Parent Portal or School Cash please stop in the office.  Please take a tour of the library as we have many items in our lost and found.  Any clothes remaining at the end of the day Friday will be donated.

3.  Earth Rangers are visiting our school on December 5th with an assembly for 1-6 and a special classroom presentation for our grade 4 classes.  Thank you to the Kendel family who won this opportunity for our school.

4.  The SCC fundraiser of baked goods was a great success - thank you.  Please pick up your order from the staffroom tomorrow (Thursday) between 3:30-6:30. 

5.  Please take notice of the crosswalk west of the school and remember to stop if you see a child wanting to cross.  Our students and families rely on your safe driving habits. 

6.  You may have heard that we have added Conflict Managers to our junior playground.  Two older students circulate on the playground at recess time to help students resolve minor conflicts.  Many thanks to our overwhelming number of student volunteers!


Take care - see you Friday!

Mme Revet