We'll Take Sunshine over Snow!

Good afternoon Wilfrid Walker families!

1.  Menchie sales take place every two weeks thanks to Mme Youck and her team of volunteers.  You can now purchase a card (for 5, 10 or 15 Menchie's) on Cash Online to avoid scrounging up $3 in change!

2.  The next School Community Council meeting will be November 23rd at 6:15.  Last night's meeting focused on our school and community's response to the Truth and Reconciliation call to action as well as how best to support teachers in their work with their students.  The SCC has once again approved a budget for teachers to add items to their classrooms or purchase materials for a special activity.  Many thanks!  You are always welcome to attend a meeting if you are interested!

3.  On Monday students will be dressing up their teachers for our Education Week kick-off assembly, hosted by our senior students.  Mme Youck, Constable Young and I will be the judges.  Should make for some good Twitter pictures!

4.  Halloween is just 2 weeks away!  Students and staff who choose to do so will come in costume and our senior students are busy planning dances for all the age groups, pre-K and Early Learning Centre included.  

Enjoy the weekend!

Mme Revet