The Year Has Flown By!

1.       Our final assembly will be next Wednesday at 9:15 (or as soon as we can get everyone in the gym!)  Please join us if you can!

2.       We are looking for a couple lunchroom supervisors for 2016-2017.  Please call the office or send an email if you are interested or would like more details as to pay and responsibilities.

3.       We are also looking for library volunteers for next year.  Your responsibilities would be to help students check out books, re-shelve returned books, and repair the odd ripped page or tape a few book spines.  Please call the office or send an email to our new Teacher-Librarian Mme Youck if interested.

4.       In the fall you will receive a lunchroom registration form.  Don’t worry about the first day as we’ll be ready to keep all the kids who need lunchroom supervision.  That form, along with several others, will come home September 1 and we would greatly appreciate a quick return as we count on them to build our lunchrooms.

5.       Please join us in saying thank-you and good-bye to our departing staff:  Mme Williams, M. Yeo, Mme Nerenberg, Mme Demers, Mme Bourlon, Mme Franklin, Mme Therrien and Mme Studlin.  We wish them the best and hope they come back for a visit when they can.

6.       A big thank-you to all our parent volunteers, lunchroom supervisors and members of the SCC.  We look forward to working with you again next year as you are a vital part of the community’s success.  Thank you for giving us your time and efforts!

7.       The Before & After Program most generously gave funds to the school so that we could purchase new gym equipment for next year.  An indoor curling kit, new rackets, new balls, new hula hoops…..the list goes on and on.  Many thanks!!

8.       Just a reminder that we will be using the online payment program as much as possible in 2016-2017.  Please sign up by visiting our school website.