Feels Like Spring!

Good morning families.  Here are a few things happening at Wilfrid Walker:

1.  Next week we will host the Ministry of Education LIVE, an interactive video education program, featuring visual artist Laura St. PIerre.  Students in grades 5-8 will be participating on Wednesday and Thursday.  The videos will air (and then be archived) here if you would like to watch. 

2.  The city finals of the French Oratory were held yesterday.  Congrats to all our students who represented our school!  Good luck to Randa and Houda who advance to the provincial level in Saskatoon on April 23rd. 

3.  Farewell photos are being taken today for our 17 grade 8 students.  They have also been very busy with a Practical and Applied Arts rotation at Campus Regina Public  where students are studying cosmetology, cooking, sheet metal work, electrical skills, construction, graphic arts, and video game creation.

4.  We are taking 2016-2017 Kindergarten registrations right now and have planned for a May 4th Parent Meeting, hosted by the SCC.  Please help spread the word if you know of anyone wanting to register a child.

5.  The SCC is helping us plan for the upcoming track and field events by contributing funds to purchase another crash mat for high jump.  The city event will be June 2nd and the school track and field event will be at the end of May (date to be confirmed).  

6.  Save the dates:  Spring Carnival will be Thursday, June 16th and our Farewell will be Thursday, June 23rd. 

7.  And finally, we have a new member in our Staff Family!  M. Proulx and his wife welcomed baby boy Kylin Gibson Proulx in to the world on Sunday.  We can't wait to meet him!