Final Week of January 2016

1.  All teachers will be attending a session about renewed pedagogy with Roy Lyster this Friday, January 29th.  Students have the day off. 

2.  The School Community Council will begin another fundraiser in February.  Students will receive all the necessary information prior to the February holiday.  You will have three weeks to sell Mom's Pantry items.  Thanks for your support!  The fundraiser coordinator is Shari Kendel if you have any questions (  Profits from the fundraiser will continue to support our school and students.  The SCC in 2015-2016 has already financed or subsidized a Me to We trip to Saskatoon for our Social Justice Club, a ski trip for all grade 6-8 students, a collection of levelled reading books, a new sound system for the gym and a new (and much needed) piano bench for M. Proulx!  

Mme Revet