Indoor Recesses All Day!

1.  Next Thursday, January 28th, our school will participate in a Fitness Assembly at 2:30.  Parents are welcome to come join us for a little Zumba and class presentations! 

2.  The winter weather has us all trying to keep warm.  Please avoid, however, picking up your child directly in front of the school or encouraging your child to run across at any other area but the crosswalk.  The front of the school is very congested at 3:37 with buses and students so please park in designated areas and encourage your children to use the crosswalk at the west end of the parking lot.

3.  The next School Community Council meeting is this Thursday at 6:00.  Mme Youck, our Learning Leader, will present the results of our 'Tell Them From Me' survey that all grade 4-8 students completed in the fall.  Please join us if interested!  We'll be in Studio 2 - Mme Youck's classroom.

Sending you warm wishes,

Mme Revet