Happy Tuesday!

Donate Funds


- Donate Non-Perishable food items such as:


 Fish & Canned Meat, Cereal, Peanut Butter, Beans, Rice, Pasta, Soups & Stews, 100% Fruit Juice in 1 Litre containers, Powdered Milk, Canned Fruits & Vegetables, Baby Food, Enfalac and Similac. No glass, please     


- Help Spread the Word: Forward this to friends and family and encourage them to donate.



The SRC’s goal is to fill 3 of the large bins provided to us by the Food Bank. Please send your donation to the school with your child or feel free to drop it off yourself when you attend your child’s Winter Concert on either Dec 2nd for the Grade 3 and 4s  or Dec 11th for the Kindergarten to Grade 2s.

Thank you in advance for your help! Together, we can help give our neighbors food- the perfect gift.     

The Grade 7/8s (Dylan L, Michael and Vlad)            


3. Our Games Club is still looking for donations if you have anything to donate (board games, coloring books, craft materials, cards, puzzles).


4. Do you know of the Early Years Family Centre? If you have young children at home consider giving them a try! Click here to see what they can offer you and your young ones. 



Have a good week!