Bienvenue à l'École Wilfrid Walker School!

École Wilfrid Walker School is a French Immersion Centre

offering Kindergarten to Grade 8

Please contact us at 306-791-8531 if you want to learn more about our great school!

Registration and transportation forms are available in the Public Document Library

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A message from Mme Baete and the Food Bank Fundraiser

 Thank you to everyone for your donations to the Regina Food Bank and to Mme Gardiner’s and Mme Patterson’s classes for all of their hard work. Also, a big thank you to the SCC for allowing us to participate in the carnival.


We surpassed our $600 goal. With the profits from the carnival, we raised $680 and 1¼ barrels of food for the Regina Food Bank.



Great work Wilfrid Walker!

Plastic Bag Grab Challenge 2.0

By collecting  9,745 plastic bags, École Wilfrid Walker diverted 78.0 kilograms of plastic from landfills and waterways that will be recycled into new products, such as plastic lumber and outdoor furniture by program partner TREX.  


Although our school was not a finalist this year, we would like to extend an enormous thank-you to our participating families. Your support was overwhelming! And hey, diverting 78 kg of plastic from landfills AND being able to say that we didn’t have the most plastic per capita is pretty cool.


We hope that by participating in this Plastic Bag Grab Challenge, our students and community have learned that the real objective is to NOT have 78 kg of plastic waste between now and this time next year— a goal we hope we can all commit to by reducing our reliance on plastic bags and using reusable bags instead!


Thanks again for your participation and commitment to the environment!



Mme Sexon & M. Vanderberg

Milk Cards, Menchies, Online Payments and SCC Carnival

Happy Friday everyone!!

We just want to let everyone know that the Milk Program for the year is now done.  Any milk cards that still have punches left on them can be handed to your child's teacher and we will store them in the safe until September.

Our last day for Menchies will be Wednesday, June 21st.  The same principle applies to Menchies cards.  Please turn them into your classroom teacher and we will store them in the safe until September.

Mme Johnston has extened the online payment deadline to Wednesday, June 21st.  Please make every effort to settle up your account for this school year.

And let's not forget the SCC Carnival on Thursday, June 22nd.

There are only nine school days left in the 2016-2017 school year!   Where has the time gone?

What is going on for the next two weeks?

In case you are wondering what is happening in the next couple of weeks:

June 15th :  The U of R Cougars will be here teaching the Grade 1 to 5 students soccer skills.

June 16th:  Grade 7s canoeing

June 20th:  Douglas Park Track and Field day for those students in Grades 4 - 8 who qualified.

June 21st:  Last Menchies day of the year.

                     Mme Clement's and Mme Baranga's classes to the Science Centre

June 22nd:  Parent Council Carnival

                       Last day for the Food Bank Fundraiser

June 23rd:  Mme Gardiner's and Mme Patterson's classes swimming

June 26th:  Grade 8 Farewell at 6:30 in the gym.

June 27th:  Talent show at 1:00 in the gym

June 28th:  Final Assembly of the year  9:00 in the gym

June 29th:  Last day of school.  All items in still in our Lost and Found will be donated to Community Living by noon.

                     At 2:10 we gather in the gym for the end of the year slideshow.

                     2:30 dismissal.

I may very well have forgotten or missed a few dates but it gives a good overview of what is going on before the end of the year.  

Wilfrid Walker Record Breaker Competition Results 2017


Wilfrid Walker Record Breaker 2017



1ière place

2ième place

3ième place

La course

Jessalyn (3s 02), 7e année

Sydney, 6e année


Kyla, 2e année

Ping Pong

Caitlyn (30), 6e année

William, 7e année / Danielle, 7e année (29)

Mohammad, 6e année / Lucas 3e année (28)

Chin Ups

Randa, 7e année (29)

Olivia, 4e année

Corwin, 7e année

Le ballon panier

Luka (28), 7e année

Jordan, 5e année

Micah, 6e année


MacKenzzy (20 min 42), 7e année

Charley, 3e année

Zekiah, 4e année


Colby (22 min 22s), 4 année

Logan, 1ère année


Les pompes

Landon (83), 4e année

Samuel, 7e année

Aidan, 6e année

Les abdominaux

Brett (417), 6e année

Melissa, 3e année

Peter, 5e année

Les rotations russes

Manha (317), 7e année

Kya, 6e année

Vicky, 5e année

Faire du hula hoop

Reem (1 heure 9 minutes), 3e année

Ashley, 5e année

Addison, 5e année

Kneel Jump

Jonah (116cm), 7e année

Lucas, 3e année

Jessalyn, 7e année

Les sauts à la corde

Alexander (342), 4e année

Randa, 7e année

Sydney, 6e année

S’asseoir dos au mur

Elan (51:02), 4e année

Marko, 4e année

Fredric, 1ère année

Saute Verticale

Sydney (63 cm), 6e année

Luka, 7e année

Aidan, 6e année / Lane, 6e année



Reminder from the SCC

Wilfrid Walker's SCC would like to remind everyone that the volunteer and bake sale form are due back by this Thursday, June 1st.

If you would like further information please contact:

Shari Kendel at 306-450-3346 or

Message from M. Vanderberg about the Plastic Bag Grab

There is a blue collection box with Plastic Bag Grab posters on it sitting at the main doors (by the boot rack) for community members to put their bags in.  Please feel free to let friends/family/community know that they can come to Wilfrid Walker at any point during school hours to drop off bags. 


Please spread the word in your circles/social media networks – let’s see if we can win a prize this year! $5000 national prize and $1000 for the top collecting school in each province! (Calculated per capita, so our size isn’t a detriment)


Whatever goes into that box I will distribute evenly to classes throughout the week for counting.




Plastic Bag Grab Challenge 2.0

Reducing plastic bag waste in the École Wilfrid Walker community

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Did you know that more than 1 billion plastic shopping bags are given out across Canada every year, all of which can be reused and recycled? Did you also know that, although certain retailers accept plastic shopping bags for recycling, the City of Regina does not (Crown Shred will recycle plastic shopping bags but for a fee). To educate students and the community on plastic bag waste and the 3Rs, École Wilfrid Walker will be participating in the Plastic Bag Grab challenge from Monday, May 29 – Friday, June 2, 2017.

The Plastic Bag Grab challenge, a program of Recycling Council of Ontario, in partnership with Walmart Canada, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, and Cascades Recovery Inc. invites elementary schools across Canada to collect plastic shopping bags from their homes and communities for recycling, and engage their communities on the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Collection prizes include a national grand prize of $5,000 for the school that collects the most bags for recycling per student during the challenge and $1000, $750 and a bench made from 95% recycled material for the top three schools in each province and territory.

Last year, 419 schools across Canada participated in the challenge and collected more than 2 million plastic bags that were recycled into small pellets and used to make a variety of new products.


With your support, we can help millions of plastic bags get recycled instead of lost to disposal. To ensure we align with the program rules and messaging, please remember the following when sending plastic bags to school starting Monday, May 29 – Friday, June 2, 2017:

Check out the link to the official website if you need further information. 


An announcement from the SCC

Save the date poster for the SCC year end carnival

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