École Wilfrid Walker School Community Council

The following is an exert from an email composed by Jane Ekong, a trustee with the Regina Board of Education:


"I believe you would have heard of the transformational change that is coming to our Education System. You are also aware of the Perrin's Report which was sent to you. I hope that you have had a chance to review and discuss it with your members and also make your views known to the panel.


The Perrin's report presented some major options, however, the Ministry is not limiting itself to only those options. They are ready and willing to explore other options as well. Are there some good options of finding efficiencies and/or restructuring our education system that you have thought of that  you would like me to take to the Board. I will provide complete anonymity if you so desire.  This is the chance to influence what happens to our children's education. I need your input at your earliest convenience."


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 Our next EWWSCC meeting is sceduled for Wednesday April 12th at 6:15pm in the teacher's lounge. Parents are always welcome.



     Your Current Community Council Executive is:

     Chair - Colin Byas

     Vice-Chair - Danna Cruickshank

     Secretary - Allyson Reid-Skagos

     Treasurer - Robert Mann 











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