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An invitation from our neighbor Jack MacKenzie School

This is an invitation for all Wilfrid Walker parents to attend the Day of Pink Parent Seminar on Wednesday, March 2.  The staff of Jack MacKenzie will be running this event at their school in the evening, from 6:30 – 8:00pm.  They have planned an evening of topics that they anticipate will be relevant and worthwhile for parents.   


Good morning families!

1.  Our 'lost and found' buckets are full!  We will display all the items in our library for two days next week (Wednesday, Feb. 10 and Thursday Feb. 11) and encourage you to come by if you have time.  During the February break all remaining items will be donated to the Salvation Army.

2.  For more information about High School Open Houses please visit our division website:

Canadian Parents for French

The Regina chapter of Canadian Parents for French are hosting several events in 2016.  Please read the attachments for more information about these worthwhile opportunities for you and your children:



Final Week of January 2016

1.  All teachers will be attending a session about renewed pedagogy with Roy Lyster this Friday, January 29th.  Students have the day off. 

2.  The School Community Council will begin another fundraiser in February.  Students will receive all the necessary information prior to the February holiday.  You will have three weeks to sell Mom's Pantry items.  Thanks for your support!  The fundraiser coordinator is Shari Kendel if you have any questions (  Profits from the fundraiser will continue to support our school and students.  The SCC in 2015-2016 has already financed or subsidized a Me to We trip to Saskatoon for our Social Justice Club, a ski trip for all grade 6-8 students, a collection of levelled reading books, a new sound system for the gym and a new (and much needed) piano bench for M. Proulx!  

Mme Revet

Indoor Recesses All Day!

1.  Next Thursday, January 28th, our school will participate in a Fitness Assembly at 2:30.  Parents are welcome to come join us for a little Zumba and class presentations! 

2.  The winter weather has us all trying to keep warm.  Please avoid, however, picking up your child directly in front of the school or encouraging your child to run across at any other area but the crosswalk.  The front of the school is very congested at 3:37 with buses and students so please park in designated areas and encourage your children to use the crosswalk at the west end of the parking lot.

3.  The next School Community Council meeting is this Thursday at 6:00.  Mme Youck, our Learning Leader, will present the results of our 'Tell Them From Me' survey that all grade 4-8 students completed in the fall.  Please join us if interested!  We'll be in Studio 2 - Mme Youck's classroom.

Sending you warm wishes,

Mme Revet

Become a Tech Savvy Parent

The Connaught School SCC has arranged an opportunity to learn about how to protect children against the dangers of social media.  This workshop, led by some of the best resource people in the province (ICE - Internet Child Exploitation Unit), will help all interested parents, guaridans and educators by presenting the facts about the technology our children are currently using.  All are welcome!

Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 7:00 at Connaught (4210 4th Avenue)

Please note that children are not to attend due to the content. 


The First Cold Day of the Year!


1.  We are experiencing our first day of 'indoor recesses'!  The students are busy playing with our 'indoor recess buckets' (games, cards, coloring books, reading material, crafts, etc.) which were funded by our SCC and your generous support.  Thank you!  

2.  There will be changes for our Grade 1 Transportation for 2016-17 School Year. Read more:

3.  W. S. Hawrylak School will be hosting a Worry Weary - Helping Your Child with Anxious Thoughts and Behaviors workshop on January 14th at 7:00.  If interested, please sign up at

4.  We have started taking 2016-2017 Kindergarten registrations.  You can get a registration online (Left side Public Menu, Public Document Library) or stop in at the office any time!  

Stay warm families! 

Welcome to 2016!

Bonne année chères familles de Wilfrid Walker!

The Board of Education's Annual Meeting is set for Tuesday, January 26th at 7:00 at Martin Collegiate.  Everyone is invited to attend.



Final School Week of 2015!

Good morning families!

1.  We will be singing holiday carols this Friday to celebrate our final day together.  It is also a SRC dress-up day - 80's! 

2.  Candy cane sales all week!  $1/candy cane. 

3.  Many thanks to everyone who sent items for the Food Bank Drive.  The goal was 3 barrels and we exceeded the goal!

4.  Cirque Nova will be here tomorrow!  The grades 5-8 students took part in workshops last week with the circus performers and even walked the tightrope.  This opportunity was made possible by your admission fees (please send them in asap if you have not done so yet) and a generous grant from the Conseil culturel fransaskois. 

5.  The staff at Wilfrid Walker wish you all a very happy, restful, safe holiday and look forward to seeing you again in 2016!  Bonnes vacances!


What Language Would You Prefer?

Good morning families!

1.  Up on the left hand side of your screen is a new addition:  Click here for language translation.  You can now translate this page to any language you prefer.   Our division website ( also has this feature. 

2.  Our K-2 concerts will be this Friday, December 11th.  Please come join us at either the 9:30 or 1:15 concert.  Students will share the songs and dances they have learned this year so far.

3.  Reminder:  We will dismiss early on December 18th (2:30).

4.  Our Food Bank Drive continues!  We have filled 1.5 barrels so far.  Please send your donations this week.

5.  This month's SCC meeting is Thursday at 6:00 in the staff room.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend a meeting if interested and/or available.  We discuss school goals and events in a relaxed atmosphere. 

6.  Basketball try-outs have begun and the season will commence after Xmas.  We have 3 parent coaches this year:  Greg Toews, David Severson and Jayne Krueger.  Teacher supervisors will be:  Julian Yeo, Chantal Nolet-Nerenberg, Jennifer Gardiner and Emma Champ. 

Have a great week!


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