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Upcoming Meetings

Ecole Wilfrid Waker School Community Council tries to schedule meetings on the second Wednesday of every month during the school year unless otherwise posted. Meetings will begin at 6:15pm in the Teachers Lounge.


The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 27th at 6:15pm. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.



Future School Community Council Meetings for 16/17 school year are curently scheduled as follows:


May 17

Jun 14



 Please join us when you can.


Minutes 2016/2017 Meetings

Minutes for 2015/2016 meetings are archived here.

Minutes 2015/2016 Meetings

Minutes for 2015/2016 meetings are archived here.



Minutes 2014/2015 Meetings

 Minutes for 2014/2015 meetings will be posted here as they become approved and avialable.



Minutes 2013/2014 Meetings

Minutes for 2013/2014 meetings are archived here.

Minutes 2012/2013 Meetings

Minutes for 2012/2013 meetings are archived here.


School Ground Update

Please see the attached for an update on the School Ground Revitalization Project!

Minutes 2011/2012 Meetings

Minutes for 2011/2012 meetings are archived here.

Trustee Report 2011

This is a report on the consultations held with School Community Councils by the Trustees in August 2011.


2010-2011 Council

Attached is a picture of the 2010 - 2011 School Community Council members.

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